Shipping policy

shipping policy(This shipping policy only applies to orders shiped within Japan)

About postage

Shipping charges vary depending on the item ordered and the delivery area.
Please check from the delivery pattern described on each product page.
Please see the table below for delivery methods and charges for each delivery category.


Shipping table

In the case of multiple purchases, the classification may change depending on the combination of products.


About delivery

【Shipping companies】Yamato Transport
We may use delivery companies other than the above. You can not specify the delivery company.
Delivery periodIt will be delivered within 1 week from the day after your order. Depending on the product, it may take more than a week to deliver.
Delivery time Window
You can specify the delivery time from the following time zone.
morning/ 12:00-14:00 / 14:00-16:00 / 16:00-18:00 / 18:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00 However, it may not be possible to deliver within the window depending on the delivery company’s situation.
If you do not receive the delivered item for a long time

If you are absent at the time of delivery, the delivery company will notify you with an absentee card,but if the storage period has expired, the ordered item will be  automatically returned. Please note that if you do not receive it at the time of delivery and return it to us, you will be responsible for the shipping fee at the time of delivery and return.